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WMHA or World Mental Healthcare Association is a licensed NGO incorporated under Section 8 of Companies act 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government …
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WMHA is committed to serving the profession of psychology, not only by providing professional insurance but also by offering risk management services. WMHA works with …
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What we do

What we do At the World Mental Health Association (WMHA), we raise awareness and encourage a positive attitude towards mental health to develop higher motivation among …
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About Us

Who We Are

World Mental Healthcare Association (WMHA) is a licensed NGO established to act as a representative body for psychology and psychologists while promoting the excellence of ethical practice in the world of psychology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading psychological aid platform. We aim to become the nation’s leading voice on mental health through our hard work towards developing a sound community defined by awareness, thereby, building better lives for the millions affected by mental illness.

Participate With Us

Get access to our exclusive mental health awareness seminars and events, listen to our podcasts, or participate in our webinars. Join us on our quest to make this world a better place to live in.

Our Services


Join us and make a difference in the world of psychology. As an advocate for change, you are vested with the power to modify how decision-makers support people with mental health conditions.


Are you interested in pursuing your career in the field of psychology? At WMHA, we aim to provide adequate resources to students along with teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other allied field workers and organizations.


The division section allows you to network with professionals in your fields and influence your specific interest area. Explore the divisions that suit your needs, from our list of WMHA divisions.


WMHA is the only mental healthcare association where we provide Global Certification for Verified Mental Health Professionals.

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Event : 20 Mar 2019

Event : 20 Apr 2020

Event : 15 June 2021

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