World Mental Healthcare Association


WMHA advocates to improve the lives of individuals suffering from psychological state conditions. The WMHA Alliance uses the facility of lived experience to shape how our organization helps people with mental illness.

Advocate for Change

As an advocate for a change, you’ve got the facility to vary how decision-makers support people with psychological state conditions.


WMHA aims at providing 2 types of guidelines.

  1. The first one for the assistance and guidelines regarding Professional Practice Policies and code of ethics to the psychologists and psychiatric students through experts of this field.
  2. The other one will be moral guidelines for commoners, and caregivers dealing with mental health issues.


The boards and committees are established by the WMHA Bylaws and report back to WMHA’s Council of Representatives through the Board of Directors. They can’t be modified or sunset without a vote of the membership.


WMHA aims at providing research-based psychological interventions to reinforce mental health treatments and other issues by helping psychologists and allied field professionals to form a sense of things, identify potential solutions, and achieve the goals they have set. WMHA is committed to maintaining strong mental health insurance protections and reducing mental health disparities.