Wmh.care is committed to improving the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges. Our alliance leverages the power of “lived experience” to create a strong foundation for our organization’s efforts in supporting those with mental illness. Join us as we strive to make a meaningful difference in mental health care.

Advocate for Change

Join us and be a catalyst for change in the field of psychology. As a change advocate, you have the power to influence how policymakers support individuals with mental health conditions. Your active involvement can help shape policy decisions and make a real impact on mental health care. Join our community and be part of the change today.

Code of Ethics

Wmh.care aims to offer two types of guidelines for the Code of Ethics:

  1. Professional Practice Policies: We provide assistance and guidelines, including the code of ethics, to psychologists and psychiatric students through experts in the field, ensuring ethical professional practices.
  2. Moral Guidelines for the Community: We provide moral guidelines for individuals and caregivers dealing with mental health issues, promoting ethical and compassionate care.


Wmh.care’s Bylaws ensure that boards and committees report to the Council of Representatives through the Board of Directors. Any modification to these laws requires a vote from the committee members, ensuring transparency and accountability in decision-making.


Wmh.care is dedicated to offering research-based psychological interventions to support mental health treatments and related issues. We assist psychologists and professionals in allied fields in gaining clarity, identifying solutions, and reaching their goals. Wmh.care is also committed to ensuring robust mental health insurance protections and minimizing mental health disparities. Join us in making a positive impact on mental health care.