Wmh.care is dedicated to advancing mental health awareness worldwide. We strive to foster positivity and motivation on a global scale. Our goal is to create a comprehensive advocacy platform for mental health, addressing various mental health issues, and advocating for improved mental health care facilities worldwide.

Join us as we work towards a healthier, more supportive world for all.

What we do

At wmh.care, we strive to boost motivation worldwide by promoting positive mental health attitudes. Our platform serves as a global hub for mental health advocacy, addressing mental health issues and advocating for improved care facilities in India and abroad. Join us in our mission for a mentally healthier world.


We engage in global collaborations with organizations to provide sustainable solutions for individuals affected by mental health disorders. Our efforts include working with representatives from various organizations and regulatory bodies to develop guidelines for mental health professionals. We conduct extensive mental health awareness programs through both online and offline channels, reaching out to the general public.

Our Activities 

At wmh.care, we organize a variety of online and offline events, including workshops, seminars, and webinars, focusing on sensitive mental health topics. These events are conducted in collaboration with expert Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, government and non-government organizations, corporate mental health experts, and professionals. Our goal is to promote individual and societal well-being through these engaging and informative sessions.

 The Board –

  • Advisory Board

The planning board is a diverse body consisting of various stakeholders, including policymakers, service providers, representatives from regulatory bodies, and allied professionals and beneficiary groups. Their primary role is to provide guidance on the issues presented to them for their opinion.

  • Committees

A significant portion of wmh.care’s activities is carried out by volunteers who serve on boards and committees. Some of these groups have distinct roles, such as overseeing major programs like the directorates, journals, and world affairs.

  • Chapters

A new chapter is established for each city or area, responsible for organizing all activities in that region. Each chapter will appoint a president and treasurer to oversee its operations.