World Mental Healthcare Association

About WMHA

WMHA or World Mental Healthcare Association is a licensed NGO incorporated under Section 8 of Companies act 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It was established to act as a representative body for psychology and psychologists while promoting the excellence of ethical practice in the world of psychology. We intend to highlight the true essence of psychology through education and support along with bringing together the global leaders in mental health and implementing forums for shared learning and collaboration.

Who we are

WMHA took its first step and decided to become a strong platform in psychology to foster a positive outlook about various mental health conditions through concrete education, support and public awareness. We aim to become the nation’s leading voice on mental health through our hard work towards developing a sound community defined by awareness, thereby, building better lives for the millions affected by mental illness.

What we do

Our mission is to become the leading psychological aid platform. We have taken up the responsibility to provide various services catering to the world’s mental health concerns. Right from imparting knowledge about mental health to listening and guiding, we intend to provide a 360-degree solution to all mental health issues. Additionally, we conduct an educational program in communities of India and the USA, thereby, helping millions globally.

Join Us

Come and join WMHA to become part of the psychology world with the latest psychological state updates. Get easy access to world-class psychologists. Participate in our web discussion group and educational program to learn and gather information about ways to advocate for your community while adding your voice to the psychological state movement.

Our Finances

The majority of WMHA’s funding comes from individual contributions, major foundations and company sponsorships, dues, grants, events and other partnerships.

Work at WMHA

Are you interested to work for and contribute to the most prestigious association dedicated to the elevation of psychology and mental health? The succeeding steps in your career are here, in the World Mental Healthcare Association (WMHA), awaiting a better future for your career in psychology.

WMHA Awards

Each year WMHA recognizes outstanding achievements and celebrates accomplishments made by individuals and organizations that advance WMHA’s mission to enhance the lives of individuals suffering from mental illness and their loved ones.

Become an Affiliate

WMHA is an independent organization that aims at providing standards to persons or other organizations associated with the psychological state. WMHA affiliation helps to enhance your organization’s credibility also as overall efficiency.