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About WMHA

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  • The World Mental Health Support Council (WMHSC) is a global organization formed with the aims and objectives of advancing the concepts of mental health and the advancement of the profession of psychology and allied fields. WMHSC is a licensed NGO incorporated under Section 8 of Companies act 2013 with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.
  • WMHSC is positioning our field to play a leading role in addressing the grand challenges of today and the future. The WMHSC is established to promote the advancement of psychology and mental health for all citizens of the world. It supports and partners with its Member Societies and is strengthened by effective links with and between them. It benefits from working collaboratively with international agencies, leading non-government and civil society organizations, and research institutions in many countries.
  • The WMHSC network is much enhanced by linking the experience of professionals and communities: especially people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and their careers.
  • We are passionate about supporting psychological scientists in these pursuits, which we do by sharing cutting-edge research across all areas of the field through our journals and conventions; promoting the integration of scientific perspectives within psychological science and with related disciplines; fostering global connections among our members; engaging the public with our research to promote broader understanding and awareness of psychological science; and advocating for increased support for psychological science in the public policy arena.

Our Mission

  1. To have access to mental health treatment and care that meet appropriate professional and ethical standards, integrate public health principles and respect human rights.  
  2. To promote the advancement of mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders, advocacy, and best practice recovery focused interventions worldwide.
  3. To heighten public awareness about the importance of mental health, and to gain understanding and improve attitudes about mental disorders.
  4. To ensure the quality of mental health services to the people globally by awareness building, evidence building, research, and facilitating the easy access of the services to the people.
  5. To promote communication, and application of psychological science and knowledge to benefit society and improve lives.
  6. Preparing the discipline and profession of psychology for the future. 

What we do

The World Mental Health Support Council (WMHSC) works with its members, partners and components around the world to promote mental health and to encourage the highest possible standards of clinical practice and ethical behavior in psychology and its allied fields.

The WMHSC certify and associate members include psychology students, teachers of psychology and other mental health professionals worldwide. Together, they create a rich and diverse membership poised to communicate the unique benefits psychology provides to health and wellness; advocate for the discipline to become more fully incorporated into health research and delivery systems; position psychology as the science of behaviour; and increase public awareness of the benefits psychology brings to daily living.

WMHSC Strategic Plan

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Publications and Resources

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Governance and Senior Staff

Volunteer governance members play a key role in the direction and completion of WMHSC’s advocacy, publishing, member service and more.

  • Council of Representatives, which has the sole authority to approve policy and appropriate the association’s revenue.
  • Board of Directors, elected by the membership to be the administrative agent of the Council of Representatives.
  • WMHSC President, elected annually by the membership to serve as the face of the association.
  • Committees, boards and task forces, which focus on particular issues in the field.