The World Mental Health Association (WMHA) participates actively in the world of psychology to spread awareness about mental health and foster a positive attitude to raise higher motivation in individuals globally. We, at WMHA, aim to develop a one-stop global Psychological advocacy platform to determine various mental health problems and necessitate in respect of Mental Health care and appraise the need for additional facilities corresponding to the different organization’s in India and abroad offering mental health care facilities.

The World Mental Healthcare Association (WMHA) is a global organization formed with the objective to enhance the theories of mental health and to elevate the profession of psychology and allied fields. WMHA is positioning in the field of psychology to play a leading role in addressing the huge challenges of today and the future. The foundation supports and partners with its member societies and is strengthened by effective links with and between them. It benefits from working collaboratively with international agencies, leading non-government and civil society organizations, and research institutions in many countries.

The WMHA network is an enhanced arrangement formed by linking the experience of professionals and communities, especially people with having a prior experience of mental ill-health and their careers. We are passionate about supporting psychological scientists in these pursuits and we do this by sharing cutting-edge research across all areas of the field through our journals and conventions. We also promote the integration of scientific perspectives within psychological science and with related disciplines, fostering global connections among our members and engaging the public with our research to raise an extensive understanding and awareness of psychological science. We also advocate for increased support for the betterment of psychological science in the public policy arena.

What we do

At the World Mental Health Association (WMHA), we raise awareness and encourage a positive attitude towards mental health to develop higher motivation among individuals across the globe. WMHA is a one-stop global psychological advocacy platform to determine the mental health problems and necessitate in respect to mental health care while highlighting the need for additional facilities corresponding to different organizations in India and abroad, offering mental health care facilities.


We collaborate globally with various organizations with the objective to provide sustainable remedial measures for the victims afflicted by mental health disorders. We also en-kindle representatives of various organizations and regulatory bodies for formulating guidelines for mental health professionals. Additionally, we conduct mental health awareness programs through online and offline channels for the general masses while delivering 24 hours online helpline desks for mentally anguished individuals through referral therapeutic and non-therapeutic services.

Our Activities 

At WMHA, We conduct regular basis online and offline workshops, seminars, and webinar conferences based on sensitive mental health issues by collaborating with expert, renowned Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Govt. and non-government organizations, corporate mental health behavioral mental health experts, and professionals to foster individual and societal benefit. We can organize a Talk platform for the survivors of mental health issues.

 The Board –

The 6 members of WMHA’s Board of Directiors are going to be elected by WMHA members to supply strategic guidance within the fulfilment of WMHA’s mission to supply advocacy, education, support and public awareness in order that all individuals and families suffering from the mental disease can build better lives.

Each year, five WMHA members are going to be nominated by Affiliates and State Organizations are going to be elected to the NAMI Board of Directors. Addictionally, Members can submit by laws amendments and resolutions to be considered annually during the elections at the annual convention

  • President

The WMHA’s president is directly elected by the whole membership and chairs both the Council of Representatives and therefore the Board of Directors. During his or her term of office, the president performs such duties as are prescribed within the Bylaws, as are incident to the office, or as may properly be required of the president by a vote of council or the Board of Directors.

  • Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of the officers — founding members,president and appointed treasurer.

  • Executive Board

Executive Members elect the Executive Board which is the supreme body consisting of elected President, General Secretary, Regional President (Country), Regional Vice-President (Zone), Vice-President (Committee) and Council of Representatives from each Zone and Division.

  • Council of Representatives

The council is a large, diverse legislative body that has sole authority to line policy and appropriate WMHA’s annual income. it’s composed of elected members from state/provincial/territorial psychological associations, WMHA’s divisions, zones and therefore the WMHA’s Board of Directors.

India has 6 Zone and the USA has 8 Zone.

  • Advisory Board

The planning board is a diverse body consisting of varied stakeholders, including policymakers, service providers, representatives from regulatory bodies, and allied professionals and beneficiary groups. the first role of this board is to guide the board on the problems delivered to them for his or her opinion.

  • Committees

Much of WMHA’s work is completed on a volunteer basis by the members of boards and committees. Some boards and committees have specific responsibility for monitoring major programs, like the directorates, the journals and world affairs.

  • Chapters

A new Chapter is formed for every City/Area. The Chapter will conduct all activities in that area. A President and Tresurer a will be appointed for each chapter.