The Mental Health Care Act (MHCA) of 2017 outlines legislative provisions and ethical protocols regarding mental health in India. To maximize the many available opportunities, it’s important to understand how mental health is perceived in India and the rights guaranteed under the law.

Rights to Mental Health for Indian Citizens

  1. Right to dignity
  2. Right to a safe and hygienic environment
  3. Right to adequate sanitary facilities
  4. Right to proper clothing and personal hygiene provisions
  5. Right to participate in leisure, education, and community activities
  6. Right to access mental health care from government-funded services
  7. Right to seek information on diagnosis, treatment, and discharge facilities
  8. Right to make decisions regarding treatment
  9. Right to make decisions about personal contacts and support systems
  10. Right to access emergency facilities and services
  11. Right to seek treatment in healthcare establishments
  12. Right to access medical records and facilities
  13. Right to be protected from abuse
  14. Right to privacy and confidentiality
  15. Right to seek legal aid
  16. Right to release information in the interests of public safety.