For Professionals:

  1. Opportunity to participate in mental health events organized by WMHA.
  2. Free certified courses in mental health counseling.
  3. Free access to the Mind Help Centre app for professional practice.
  4. Exclusive access to materials related to psychological assessment.
  5. Indemnity insurance assistance for mental health professionals.
  6. Grant and funding opportunities.
  7. Support for conducting CSR activities for corporate members.
  8. Use of WMHA titles and logo (following APA guidelines).
  9. WMHA recognition events (certificates, awards, certifications of mental health codes and ethics).
  10. Advocacy on your behalf.

For Students:

  1. Free access to psychological assessment materials and tools.
  2. Access to research and updates in the psychology field.
  3. Free access to national and international psychology journals and publications.
  4. Opportunity to publish research papers in psychology journals by WMHA.
  5. Internship opportunities for clinical exposure.
  6. Free short-term certified courses in psychology and mental health.
  7. Free participation in mental health workshops.
  8. Free career guidance by professionals in psychology and mental health.