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ACCESS ON MATERIALS RELATED TO PSYCHOLOGIAL ASSESSMENT – Free Access to various psychological Assessment process related materials and tools. (coming soon)PARTICIPATION IN VARIOUS EVENTS ON MENTAL HEALTH ORGANISED BY WMHA – Opportunity to attend and participate in Mental Health events (coming soon)
RESEARCH & CURRENT UPDATES REGARDING PSYCHOLOGY FIELD – Free access to information regarding Psychology field research and news update across national and global level (coming soon)CERTIFIED COURSE ON MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING WITH AFFILIATION FROM EMINENT COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES – Free certified courses are available for Mental Health professionals (coming soon)
ACCESS TO JOURNALS AND PUBLICATION – Free access to National and International Psychology Journals and Publications (coming soon)FREE ACCESS TO MIND HELP CENTRE – Free MIND HELP App access for professional practice (coming soon)
PUBLISHING RESEARCH PAPER TO PSYCHOLOGY JOURNAL BY WMHA – Opportunity to Publish research paper in PSYCHOLOGY JOURNAL by WMHA (coming soon)FREE ACCESS TO PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT RELATED TOOLS – Exclusive access for members only to Materials related to psychological assessment (coming soon)
INTERNSHIP – Opportunity for students to get clinical exposure among various member organizations of WMHA (coming soon)INSURANCE – INDEMNITY INSURANCE assistance for Mental Health Professionals (coming soon)
SHORT TERM CERTIFIED COURSE – Free short term Certified Courses in Psychology and Mental Health (coming soon)Grant/Funding Opportunities – scholarship funding for students research grants for professional Assist with contacts of other grants  
MENTAL HEALTH WORKSHOP – Free participation in regular workshops organized by WMHA (coming soon)Income Tax Relief – Support for conducting CSR activities for Corporate Members
CAREER GUIDANCE BY PROFESSIONALLS – Free career Guidance by Professionals in Psychology and Mental Health workers for students (coming soon)WMHA recognition events for (Certificates & Awards, Certifications of Mental Health Codes and Ethics)
ACCESS TO PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS/PAPERS – Free access to National and International Psychology Books and Papers (coming soon)Use of Our Titles and Logo (follow APA) – Permission to use WMHA titles and Logo for professionals in mental health field.
FREE ENTRY TO PSYCHOLOGY RELATED EVENTS – Free entry for students to events related to Psychology organized by WMHA (coming soon)We can be your voice for advocacy
PRACTICAL CONCEPT EVALUATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH CERTIFICATION – Free Certification of Practical Concept Evaluation about Mental Health for Students (coming soon)