World Mental Healthcare Association


Do you want to stay updated on mental health awareness events and campaigns? Come and check our calendar to find information about events and campaigns on mental health awareness. Search and enjoy access to various conferences and seminars, talks, and workshops organized by WMHA.

Seminars –

From meditation to different therapies, WMHA is providing wellness seminars to help you make the most of your time away from the office. WMHA seminars aim to address issues regarding telehealth for new parents, legal issues, and other topics of interest to practicing psychologists, etc.

Podcasts –

If you’re new to podcasting and eager to join the WMHA community, what can be a better place than this to suit your interest area? Our regular podcast features interviews with a ton of interesting personalities involved in mental health, including people who have experienced mental health problems, campaigners, and mental health experts.

Quiz on Mental Health –

WMHA is committed to connecting people concerned about their psychological state with medically-reviewed quizzes. Since such quizzes are specially curated for you, feel assured about the safety quotient of the results as it will remain completely private. No-one but you will have access to your results, so be honest and don’t hold back.

Workshop –

WMHA’s mental health workshops offer a variety of resources and solutions for everybody. The workshops aim at increasing awareness about sound mental health, its potential scope and impact in our daily lives, challenge existing stereotypes of mental illness, etc. Our mental health workshops are aided by experienced coaches to supply a variety of coaching tailored around you.

Conference –

We are gratified to ask all the participants from across the globe to attend the psychological state conferences. Our conference acts as the center stage to bring forth the world’s renowned scientists under one roof while collaborating your knowledge with present innovation and advancement within the field of Psychiatry Disorders, psychological state & Wellness, and related areas.