World Mental Healthcare Association


Are you interested to pursue your career in the field of psychology? At WMHA, we aim to provide adequate resources to students along with teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other allied field workers and organizations.

Mental Health Education

At WMHA, we intend to organize students, health care professionals, and caregivers in order to build a community that will further highlight and impart knowledge about the world of psychology in individuals and among groups. We also aim to educate the diverse populations by making use of culturally appropriate psychological state education methodologies.


The WMHA produces a good sort of publications and, through arrangements with various partner organisations, makes available to its members a superb selection of other useful publication resources.

Online Discussion Group

Looking for online discussion groups on mental health issues that you simply find interesting? Become a Senior Chatter and find out many groups you can join today!

Find Your Mentor

Mentoring is an integral part of being a psychologist. Students trying to find mentors can tap several resources through WMHA, its divisions and committees. Check at the Mind Help for opportunities to seek out a mentor in your area.