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  • Pre-K to 12 Education
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Graduate and Postgraduate Education
  • Continuing Education

Education and Psychology

Resources for students, teachers and psychologists at all levels.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Continually updated by us for psychologists, health-care workers and the public.

Pre-K to 12 Education

Psychology’s insights can help teachers manage behavior problems, motivate students, assist struggling learners, handle stress, support gifted and talented youth, and more.

Undergraduate Education

As one of the most popular undergraduate majors, psychology can prepare students to be successful in many different careers — from the social sciences to business and beyond.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

Advanced degrees in psychology prepare students for careers as researchers, academics or licensed clinical psychologists, among many possibilities.

Continuing Education Programs in Psychology

Programs available for CE and lifelong learning for psychologists and other mental health professionals; as well as, information for organizations to become APA-approved sponsors to offer CE programs.