World Mental Healthcare Association



Here you’ll find useful links and information about the variety of resources available to WMHSC members.

Ways you can Enhance Your Membership, such as:

  • joining a Member Network
  • becoming a Fellow or Associate Fellow
  • joining one of our many searchable directories/registers

Educational Resources

1. Educational Programs on Depression
2. Educational Programs on Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence against Women
3. Educational Programs on Schizophrenia
4. Educational Programs on Phobias
5. Educational Programs on Personality Disorders
6. Educational Programs on Suicide
7. Educational Programs on Eating Disorders
8. Educational Programs on Autism Spectrum Disorder
9. Educational Programs on Testing Issues

Discounts On Books and Journals

Student, Graduate, and Chartered members are eligible to receive a discount on all of the journals and books.

Annual Review Discounts

Association members qualify for a 30% discount on all issues of both the Annual Review of Psychology and the Annual Review of Clinical Psychology.

Professional Indemnity


The WMHSC will be hosting over 100 events annually, providing the perfect opportunity for you to begin building a network of colleagues and contacts.

By joining and accessing the variety of DivisionsSections, and Groups available you will be able to acquire additional knowledge, information, support, and benefits related to your specific area(s) of interest and stay up to date with developments within your specific field(s).

Income Tax Relief