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School Counseling

School counseling is a systematic process of delivering counseling service for the betterment and development of student behaviour,her or attendance and social involvement.This kind of counseling helps students to choose their career for the college.Even students can be motivated to overcome all challenges of their life.They gain energy and motivation. 

What student counselor does

Facilitate awareness on psychological and social facts and information to the students- A school counselor provide information about sex education.Awareness about self protection from molestation,knowledge about ‘’good touch’’ and ‘’bad touch’’,help other,how to behave with elders, how to perform our social responsibility towards society.

Helps to Conflict resolution- A student counselor always try to solve students problem with peers ,with the teachers and increase self confidence of students.Some times students are not able to express their mental problem due to shyness,ego,or want to hide their problems from others.But a good school counselor helps to explore student’s problem in a professional way.

Early intervention of the problem -A school counselor always try to intervene the problem in a early manner.Students who are at their adolescent age group faces various kinds of problems but they do not like to share with others.Their problem turn into complications .A school counselor is the person who not only identify the the root cause of the problem also provide necessary referral help.

Student’s need-A school counselor try to solve student’s learning problems.Sometime students are confused about their studies and they also make confusion to their parents too.A school counselor understands and finds the way of solution.He or she solves the difficulties of students.

Other help-A school counselor set goals and academic standards for the students.He or she also develop and improve skill of the students.Identify students strong and weak point.He or she guides students to overcome trauma,community related violence.Motivate them to increase their study habits.

Types of school counseling

  • Group Counseling.
  • Focused Brief Counseling
  • Virtual Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution.

School counseling Benefits

School counseling helps Parents– Due to busy schedule of parents are busy with their work.Many parents are working professional.They may not share their ample time with their children.But children are not understand the significance of parents professional commitments.They normally think that parents are avoiding them or not giving importance to them.An invisible somehow occurs between children and parents.

School counseling helps teachers– Teachers are playing a momentous role in students life.Some time, for the better future and development teachers have to play a strong role in students life but students do mistake to understand teachers view.This kind of gap might be a cause of misunderstanding between teacher and student. Students avoid teachers for punishment.Some time students do a robust offence due to feel alone.

School counseling helps school administration- In a school there are many students .It is not possible for the School administration to look after all personal problems of students.School counselors are the trustful one who minimize this gap.They actively deal with students, their problems and facilitate accurate information to the School authority.In this way they fill the gap between students and school authority.

School counseling helps students– School counselors is the person who motivate students for corporate with their peer groups.Some time due to different cultural background students are not able to adjust with the

A personal support – A school counselor is working as a positive motivator.He or she helps to utilize students inner potentials for the betterment of their life.

According to India has one of the world’s absolute best suicide quotes among teens belonging to the 15-29 age group. The foremost reasons encompass peer pressure, worry of failing in exams, depression, unemployment and likewise. There are countless suicidal memories making headlines at some stage in the board examination.Especially in India, children are under severe stress, trauma and anxiety related to examinations triggered due to peer stress whereby young people are forced to perform better. Students are taught to be perfect and well disciplined, as all teachers and parents favor but it is also vital to comprehend the child’s consent.The Indian Education System is usually underneath the hammer for being competitive and focusing more on quantitative learning, lengthy faculty hours, heavy faculty bags, improper curriculum. With this type of system, college students tend to grow to be much less creative, innovative and leave no room for self-learning which is the want of the hour.

According to a latest information record in The Times of India, about 1 pupil commits suicide in each 55 minutes in India. In the previous three years, more than 26,000 students have committed suicides due to stress, anxiousness and depression.Owing to huge competition and expensive schooling system, mother and father pressurize their children to operate properly by packing them into a room with books and switching off the TV, net connection and reducing the time for sports and other outside activities.

But this does no longer work. Rather, this makes the child depressed which burdens them with pleasing expectations of their parents. Counselling helps in helping the toddler in an ideal route so that he/she is well aware of what he/she desires to do in life. It is necessary to make your children understand the significance of schooling and guide them to pursue it.

 What for students will get school counselor

  • Academic improvement
  • Solve out student’s mental gap
  • Stop addiction of student
  • Betterment of education and career planning.
  • Solve out mental trauma
  • Proper functioning of relationship
  • Betterment of personal and communication skills.
  • Better adjustment with school friends
  • Stress reduction
  • Increase mind stability
  • Motivate students with educational, personal, career, and goal planning.
  •  Develop strengths and needs.
  • Better understanding of self
  • How to cope with situation
  • Identify student’s talent
  • Deal with crisis intervention
  • Increase supportive mentality


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