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Family Counselling

Now a days complications of interpersonal relationship has been shaped in a complicated manner.Family is our life.We human being are social animal we want to live with our family.We accumulate our energy,culture,values, from our family.But sometimes our family members are not feel well and equipped due to several mental disturbances. Family can be Nuclear Family,Single Parent Family ,Extended Family

Childless Family,Step Family,Grandparent Family.

These are the vital times when family counselling is required. Families can decrease their problems in a safer and controlled way with the guidance of a mental health expert. It can enhance inner resources of the client ameliorate communication,conflict resolution and problem solving capacity.

Family counseling helps to better functioning in relationships,environment,peer,Home workplace.

Family counseling is a therapeutic endeavour through which a family can fulfill its objective and goals.

Family problems can be various like a relationship dispute between your partner,your children ,with other members of your family with your peers,colleagues,or friends.

Your therapist will help family members to converse  better, resolve problems,  discover new methods to work together. Family therapy can’t continually make trouble go away. But it can give family members new capabilities to get through tough conditions in more healthy ways. Family therapy doesn’t have to take a lengthy  and extended time

Problems can be various like changing house,separation,divorce,parting issues at workplace or school,financial crisis ,unemployment,disability of family members,domestic violence,drugs,alcohol gambling.

Five stages of counseling these are There are mainly five stages of of counseling like initial revealing,In depth exploration or  expedition ,Commitment or engagement to action,counseling intervention and evaluation the facts.Termination or Referral

A stable family should be functioning through love,care,security, a sense of live in together,open and fruit full communication,every member should be treated equal.Should be values and respects.

There are various techniques of family counseling/Therapy

  • Structural Therapy- 
  • Systemic Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  •  Trans generational Therapy
  • Communication Therapy
  • Psycho education
  •  Relationship Counseling.

Structural  therapy -Structural family therapy (SFT) is a cure that addresses patterns of interplay that create issues within families. Mental fitness problems are seen as signs and symptoms of a dysfunctional family; therefore, the focal point of therapy is on altering the family structure rather than altering individual family members.

Systemic Therapy- Systemic therapy is a form of family therapy. Systemic therapy attempts to decrease distress and conflict within family dynamics by addressing and raising the systems of interactions between individuals. Systemic therapy design to identify and denote deep-rooted patterns within individual relationships with family members.

Narrative Therapy-Narrative family therapy (NFT) is one  of the well known approaches from which professional counselors may draw and follow in order to efficiently serve the couple and family clients.

 Transgenerational Therapy- Trans generational family therapy is a wide and panoramic category concept of therapy that includes and considers both theoretical tenets and techniques related to the influences of families across generations. Trans generational family therapies may be utilized separately or in concurrence with other theories or models of the family therapy.

Communication Therapy-Through family therapy, the clinician can assist the family recognize dysfunctional impaired areas, alter its hierarchy, exchange a number of roles that contributors play, trade dysfunctional rules, alter dysfunctional alignments between family members.Psycho education- Psychoeducation is a process of delivering education and information to those people who seeking or receiving mental health services, like as people diagnosed with mental health conditions (or life-threatening/terminal illnesses) and their family members

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