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Education Policies

Education is the most significant thing in this world. It can change our life. It can demolish unemployment, corruption, discrimination. Education is not to become a Doctor, Engineer, Professor. It is about building the nation’s future. Education can shape your personality, can increase awareness about values, ethics, social issues, education helps you to shape your earning resources, helps to perform your responsibility towards your family towards society, it can develop our country’s resources. Proper education can erase gender discrimination, discrimination between race, religion. Education can provide us with a safer world. It helps to gain productivity. Childhood is a vital period for children in their social and psychological development.

According to Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education teaches us humanity. While world peace may unfortunately appear to be a far-fetched concept, with education we will meet up with the present goal than we all know. Education can teach us about our responsibility towards humanity. Values are taught through education! Education subsists far beyond the classroom or an exam. It’s taught reception, through what our parents and peers show us, and although not necessarily written down anywhere, such a pedagogic tutelage remains an outsized aspect of what education entails.

The WMHA guidelines aim to help psychologists and allied field practitioners within the provision of gender-sensitive, culturally competent, developmentally appropriate psychological practice and culturally competent look after those whose economic position has negatively impacted or constrained their health as well as well-being, customizing as per Indian culture.

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