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Corporate Counseling

Workplace counseling nowadays has become an essential necessity of corporate people.Because extreme stress makes them helpless sometimes.Every human being need self relief.Workplace counseling is therapy is basically  an employee assistance program, that render employees with a safe place to converse any kind of issues that they’re suffering with.This kind of counseling service could be manual or telephonic.

It may be  a short term or long term process according to the density of the problem. Thus kind of counseling is for manly problem solving context. Counselors assist and provide help to clients not only for the solution ,it could be for better coping coping and adjustment with the colleagues and workplace environment.

The benefits of workplace counseling for employees include:

  • Elementary and easy accession of trained counselors
  • A dependable space for the discussion of their problems
  • Serving employees to fitter understand themselves
  • Developing coping skills
  • Improving an efficient solutions to their problems
  • Growing positive outlook towards different perspective
  • Its change the perception into effective and positive perception

Benefits for employers:

  • Reinforced employee performance for better productivity.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Bring down turnover rates 
  • Solve problematic behaviour
  • Set up a reputation as an employer who cares about his or staff members

When an employee needs a counseling session.

Relief from stress– Due to over work stress employee lose their stable behaviour.They could not deliver their best to their family and productivity,even they lose their temper.They even lose their ability to better perform.They prefer to keep themselves detached from every thing.They forgets simple things.They become unnecessary rude on others.

Remove Irritability– If an employee constantly feel irritating and cannot concentrate on work properly ,weather that employee was good and disciplined about his or her work,but suddenly not able to perform well.Its mean he or she may be facing inner problem but could not explore his or her problem.He or she needs counseling service immediately.

Stop accident– Some time employees face accidents due to depression,sadness,distress but they are not able to explore properly.Employee may face accidents at the time of working.Occurrence of an accident is one of the causes of absent mindedness. And this absentmindedness can happen due to over stress.In this kind of situation an employer should arrange counseling sessions for his or her employee.

Enlarged level of fatigue– Fatigue is another component of stress. For removal of fatigue, a counseling session is essentially important.Fatigue is a harmful  element of stress.It absorbs all the energy from a person.

Addiction– Sometimes we can see due to over stress employees become addicted.He thinks that drink or other addiction can release his mental stress. But slowly and steadily he reaches into a dark destination.For avoid this kind of addiction habits early counseling is very much essential.

What a counselor does in corporate counseling

Confidentiality-A counselor always keeps confidentiality about his/her client.It is very significant for the corporate sector also because one for the professional ethics of a counselor another is for security for the employee.

Perception of counseling -A employee who seeks counseling help, sometimes may feel inferior due to social stigma or own complexity.A good counselor firstly realizes him or her problem and then that makes him understand that getting counseling help is not a crime .It is a needful service for all.

 Time and resources-A good counselor always facilitates and encourages clients .He or she helps his or her client to save his or time and motivates to utilize his or her inner resources in a proper way.

 Advantages of the Workplace Counseling Programs:

Minimize absenteeism-A counselor helps his or her corporate client to get a transparent life where he or she can live with happiness and less stress.If feel stress he or she at least can practice tools to reduce stress. He or she can control anxiety.In this way he or she can overcome the problem of absenteeism. 

Potential analyzing-We human beings are always not aware about our strong aspects,our potentials.A counselor motivates us to identify our potentials.After knowing strong aspects a person can be more confident.He can utilize his potentials for the betterment of career,social life and personal life and combination of all this resulted productivity.

Improve Coping mentality-If a person develop his coping skill it will become a major plus point for him.It is true that stress can be removed forever.We can’t do it.But we can amend, increase our coping tools through which we can fight stress,depression,anxiety in our own way.A professional counselor inject that kind of coping resources in his or her client.

 Coping with criticism– A professional counselor injects a strong confidence in his or client through which he or she can confront all kinds of criticism. Practising positive will power is a fundamental and essential service element of counseling.

Confidence– A professional counselor always penetrates self confidence.We human beings have our positive confidence but we don’t know how to use it.A professional counselor demonstrates that strategy to us.   

Perfect Workplace Counseling Program Insights:

Flexible and a listener-A counselor flexibly deals with all kinds of emotional problems.He or she eliminates the problem in a user friendly attitude,find out the root cause of the problem and gain the trust of his or her client.

Value of time –A counselor always tries to solve the problem within a scheduled time.Counselor knows the value of time.

 Goal acquisition-The main motive of an employee counselling at the workplace is to supply an answer to the strain that’s a result of day to day life struggle. Employees face a large amount of fatigue, exhaustion, stress, etc, thanks to tons of reasons and it finishes up affecting the work performance of them. This is often one among the explanations why the counseling sessions are promoted for the well being of the workers.Further, the timely counseling may prove beneficial for the general productivity of the organization.Workplace counseling may be a platform where the workers get a chance to share their problems freely. it’s secure, confidential, less troublesome and much easier. this is often way of enhancing their ability to deal with stress and work better.Further it does promise a top quality work as a counselor is trained to advice create a positive outlook within the mind of individuals.A counseling session could also be conducted together on one face to face conversation or a telephone based conversation.Counseling is additionally adapting the new technology day by day. E-mails, message, video calls etc also avail the power to people that travel tons as a neighborhood of their description.


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