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Millions of people around the world get affected by mental health every day. According to a study of 2017, nearly 792 million people lived with a mental health disorder on a global level which is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%). This is where WHMA intends to spread this support, care, and knowledge to make the world of psychology a better place. We, at WMHA, participate in several psychological state awareness events to highlight the reality associated with mental health conditions, which otherwise is perceived wrong by many. Search and get easy access to multiple conferences and seminars, talks, and workshops organized by the WMHA.

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Come and explore the various digital programs offered exclusively by WMHA including convention sessions and interviews, webinars, news podcasts, and many more!

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Do you wish to actively participate towards the betterment of the psychology world? Join the worldwide mental health network with WMHA. Thousands of people and communities are working across the globe to build a network for people suffering from mental illness to provide them a better future ahead.

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WMHA is an independent organization that aims to provide standards to persons or other organizations associated with the psychological state. WMHA affiliation helps to enhance other organization’s credibility also in terms of overall efficiency.

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A fundraising event or a campaign is a healthy way to urge your friends to come together and make a difference. There are numerous ways to conduct fundraising for WMHA. Start together with your fundraiser today!

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WMHA works with organizations, governments, international advocacy agencies, charitable foundations, and individuals, to grow and sustain an efficient network to foster a positive impact for underserved psychological state organizations on a worldwide scale.

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