World Mental Healthcare Association


The boards and committees are established by the WMHA Bylaws and report back to WMHA’s Council of Representatives through the Board of Directors. they can’t be modified or sunset without a vote of the membership.

1. Editorial Committee –

The editorial committee discusses common editorial problems and makes recommendations, particularly with reference to the range of coverage, limits of editorial responsibility, common problems of style and format, and related issues.

2. Committee for Ethics –

The ethics panel shall have the facility to receive, initiate and investigate complaints of unethical conduct of members (to include fellows), associate members and affiliates; to report on sorts of cases investigated with a specific description of inauspicious or recalcitrant cases; to dismiss or recommend action on ethical cases investigated; to formulate rules or principles of ethics for adoption by the association; to formulate rules and procedures governing the conduct of the ethics or disciplinary process for approval by the Board of Directors working on behalf of Council, and to interpret, apply and otherwise administer those rules and procedures.

3. Committee of Membership –

The committee of membership is liable for the oversight of membership recruitment and retention activities for the association. The board has the authority to elect qualified persons to initial member or associate member status.

4. Committee for Website –

The Website Committee performs a top-quality review of the web site information, both yearly and as requested by members of the Council or other members because of the situation warrants. The web site Committee communicates with appropriate responsible parties regarding the deadline for changes. The committee will have responsibility for providing advice on the event, maintenance, and content on the WMHA website and can provide recommendations on the planning, graphics, placement of content, and functionality of the web site.

5. Committee for Guidelines –

The Guidelines Committee will be chaired by the director of the association and will concentrate its activities on discover the need per topic and timing as well as respond to Executive Board requests on the need for new or updated guidelines with a focus on interprofessional/ interdisciplinary/ international guidelines on relevant topics in Mental Health Issues.