World Mental Healthcare Association

What we do

What we do

World Mental Health Association Cognizance on Mental Health and convey Positive Attitude and raise higher motivation in individuals globally. This is a one-stop global Psychological advocacy platform to ascertain the mental health problems and necessitate in respect of Mental Health care and appraise the need of additional facilities for the purpose of commensurate with the different organization’s in India and abroad offering Mental Health care facilities.


Collaborate globally with various organizations about providing sustainable remedial measures for the victims of afflicted Mental Health individuals.

We collaborate and en-kindle representatives of various organizations and regulatory bodies for formulating guidelines of the Mental Health professionals.

We conduct mental health awareness program through online and offline ways for the general masses.

We deliver 24 hours online helpline desks for the mental anguish individuals. We provide referral therapeutic and non therapeutic service to them.


We conduct regular basis online and offline workshops ,seminars, webinar conferences based on sensitive mental health issues with the  collaboration of expert renowned Clinical Psychologists ,Psychiatrist , Govt. ,non government organization, corporate mental health behavioral  mental health experts and  professionals for the individual and societal benefit. We can organize a Talk platform for the survivors of mental health issues.